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Make this the year you FINALLY feel GOOD

If your brain biochemistry doesn’t meet the criteria for “Normal”, no one seems to understand when you are having a really bad time. When you try to explain, you run into Normals’ ridiculous bias against MOOD DISORDERS.

We don’t want to burden our families and friends with our pain, so we try not to let it show and stuff it down inside. Meds deal with the worst of your symptoms – sometimes – but can’t make you actually feel good.

You may see a therapist occasionally, but they don’t always understand. The sad truth is that it’s lonely without anyone in your life who truly knows what you go through.

We all know it’s not safe to declare our secret identity publicly, so we mostly keep it to ourselves. But our collectively zipped lips means we have no way to know who else is in our tribe! Knowing there are people all around you who are like you, doesn’t help dispel the loneliness. When someone too successful for any repercussions publicly comes out of the ‘mental’ closet, they always talk about how lonely and isolated they felt.

What we are never told is how much easier it is to get through the bad times with even one person in your life who truly understands you, because they are in the same boat.

It makes all the difference in the world when someone accepts and likes you exactly the way you are! It makes you feel so much better about yourself when you understand you’re not a weirdo at all. And you are doing the same for them, just being there for them too.

Connecting with your peers is nothing short of magical. It transforms misery and dramatically eases and shortens your symptoms. Sometimes permanently.

The antidote
to your misery:
you need your people.

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But if you are all alone, without any magic, it’s so very easy to start thinking it must be your fault that you aren’t like all the other (Normal) people you know.

But I get it. It’s tough not to blame yourself for being the only person you know who isn’t like the others.

Especially with the world shouting that just because you’re not like them, there is something wrong with you. Which, by the way, is absolutely bullshit. More on that later.

Whatever Normals are making you feel like – you don’t have to feel that way any more!

There are so, so many of us. It doesn’t matter which of the 50+ “mental” labels a doctor has pinned to you, we all have one fundamental thing in common – our brain chemistry doesn’t conform the accepted definition of “Normal”. If that’s you, congratulations! It means you are Neuro-Atypical. Welcome to the club!

Your people? Absolutely. Who else can understand what you go through as well as someone with the same problems in living up to Normals’ expectations and values?

We need to get to know each other, make friends and become allies, and know we have each other’s backs. By getting together, we begin building our own community. As a community, we are stronger than any of us on our own. It lets us support each other in meaningful ways.

Together, we can stand up for our rights. No one else will, and if we don’t, nothing will change.

Does everyone have the same mood issues? Of course not. Everyone is unique. And it doesn’t matter at all. You’ll discover we all have a lot in common.

You can call it a tribe, you can call it a peer group. You can call it a community. They’re all the same thing – and being part of something bigger, makes everything better. Studies have shown over and over that being with your peers reduces your symptoms.

It makes sense – knowing people who relate to the bad times and laugh about it with you. And thanks to all we’ve been through, we’re far more empathetic and less judgmental than Normals.

Even relationships are better when both people are from the tribe – less criticism, more compassion. Instead of jumping all over every little thing that’s not done perfectly – by Normals’ standards – we cut each other some slack.

No one here will ever criticize you for being who you are. That would be ridiculous.

Having people in your life who understand, appreciate and care about you changes everything!

I’ll say it again. If we don’t support each other, nothing will change.

Right now, you have isolation, loneliness, self-criticism and stigma. You already know that’s not the ideal way to live.

Imagine instead, having people – friends – who know you, really know you, and think you’re pretty great. Wouldn’t that be blissful?

You’ve put up with enough.
It’s time for a change! Join your tribe.

I’m Julia, the “chief instigator” of this joint. (I’ll post my backstory eventually.) Personally, it’s been a life-saver – literally, several times – to be blessed with friends and a partner who are positively crazy too… just like me.

You need and deserve the same life-changing experience. It will be transformative.

I don’t believe, a mind-blowing community has to be all serious and intense. Fun is transformative too. So why not create a private hangout for our weird and wonderful Neuro-Atypical gang. No one else allowed, not even to look! There are enough doctors, therapists and Normals in and out of our lives. I figure we’d all appreciate somewhere to escape from it all, somewhere safe to hang out and relax and be as weird as we want.

My experience is that hanging out with people like me includes a lot of laughing, coming up with bizarre and funny ways to fight back against the lousy stinking status quo.

We also need our people to share good times with – but not a support group. There are lots already. This is something different. You can tell by the name that it is different.

At the beginning, I just wanted somewhere to meet more of my people and have fun. It’s really special to have people in your life who understand your humour, and can actually keep up with a conversation!

You deserve a community with real friends… not a superficial social network.

Positively Crazy is that private, positive space where it is safe for everyone in our weird and wonderful, Neuro-Atypical, so-called “mood disordered” tribe – to relax and – gasp – have a good time.

Who wouldn’t want to meet their peers, hang out, swap tips and strategies, do creative stuff and learn about important things like the latest and greatest neuroscience research and treatment breakthroughs.

No doctors, no therapists, no Normals – and no wannabees. Membership is only available to people with a medically diagnosed mood issue who are taking meds for it. Why? Because until someone gets a diagnosis and meds, they haven’t taken the most basic steps toward getting better.

Life is too short to waste
pretending to be Normal

Refuse the definition of damaged.
There is NOTHING wrong with YOU.

Sure, you may experience really, really lousy symptoms, but…
Your symptoms are NOT YOU.
They’re just symptoms.

New ways to reduce and even get rid of those symptoms are continually being discovered. You need need to know about them. And you’ll have the latest info at your fingertips.

Here’s how you’ll feel better…

1. You’ll have somewhere to escape the loneliness, and the social disapproval and criticism from Normals – a retreat, a completely private and totally safe space.

2. Your focus will shift from what makes you feel awful to what makes you feel good! You will meet great people and actively support each other on your journey to wellness. Yes… wellness!

3. You’ll find zero judgement and lots of empathy. No one will ever criticize you for who you are.

4. The latest neuroscience research and treatments from around the world will be at your fingertips, via a continuously updated news feed. You’ll have more ideas to discuss with your doctor than just your symptoms.

5. We cut each other a LOT of slack, so you can let your guard down and be 100% yourself – however weird you want to be.

6. It’s a blast talking to people who can keep up in a conversation, even when you’re on a roll. Guess what else? They’ll actually “get” your humour.

7. There’s lots for a Neuro-Atypical brain to have fun with, if you want some amusement.

8. Unquestionably the most powerful part of belonging to this community is that you’ll make new friends. Guaranteed. Because it’s designed that way.

9. No ads. Yay!

10. Your privacy is paramount – in many ways. Of course, nothing absolutely none of your information will ever be given or sold to advertisers or any third parties – or even to anyone not involved in running the site. Beyond that basic stuff, anything you post – images, words, music, video, games, apps or whatever – won’t be visible unless you choose, and you can be as selective as you want about who sees it.

11. Possibly for the first time in a long, long time, you’ll discover how good it feels to be on the receiving end of belonging, acceptance, encouragement and people believing in you! It’s downright inspiring. It becomes so much easier to reach for your dreams with when people believe you can.

12. You’ll learn simple lifestyle changes that will make you stronger. If you choose to try them, you’ll discover how easy it is to build new habits when you’re doing it with other people, encouraging each other and keeping each other accountable.

Sooner than you expect, the negativity in your life won’t be so overwhelming, because your attention will move away from your problems and refocus on growing feelings of happiness and confidence.

Do you know how AMAZING your tribe is?

Science says that the people most likely to develop a mood disorder are the most intelligent and creative group in society. Really truly. I’m proud that my brain chemistry is different from Normals, and you can be proud too!

You’ll learn about all the creative and brilliant people alive now and throughout history we can claim as ours. You already know some of them. We’ll tell you about lots more. Some very surprising people are on that list.

Today, there are 700 million+ of us diagnosed worldwide. Even a tiny fraction of us would have an awful lot of political clout. We’ll be able to change a lot of things we don’t like in the world. It’s time to start.

This will be very, very special. Be one of the first, sign up today!



I am so looking forward to meeting you on the inside!
Never forget that you are AWESOME!

Julia Markus
Positively Crazy
Founder and Chief Instigator