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Make this the year you FINALLY feel GOOD

If your brain biochemistry doesn’t meet the criteria for Normal, life can be tough. There are no visible symptoms, so no one understands when you’re not well. If you try to explain, you run into Normals’ ridiculous bias against MOOD DISORDERS.

The people closest to you want to help, but they don’t understand either. It’s not fair to burden them with your pain so you stuff it down inside and try not to let it show.

You’re trying hard to feel better. You saw a doctor and you’re taking the meds, but they’re only so-so. You still don’t feel Normal. You wonder… could this be your fault? Eventually you convince yourself it is; that you aren’t good enough and never will be.

You’ve dreamt about how much better life would be if people could just understand how hard it is to keep going when you know you’ll never fit in.

You desperately need sympathy and support, but you suspect only someone with the same challenges could understand. And you don’t know anyone like you.

Don’t worry… you do now! 

You are not alone anymore.
You just found your tribe!

Join Positively Crazy, a private, members-only hangout exclusively for our weird and wonderful mood-disordered tribe. Here, everyone knows what it’s like to live with a different brain.

Here you are perfect exactly the way you are. Not broken, not defective. It’s true that you have some truly nasty symptoms. But they’re not youthey’re symptoms. And these days there are more and more ways to kick symptoms out the door.

Connecting with your tribe is magical. Your horrible moods ease up and even your symptoms lighten up… sometimes permanently.

Join the tribe!

We’re better together

Be the first in line for an invitation when Positively Crazy launches!

It doesn’t matter which of the 50+ labels for “mental” a doctor pinned to you, we all have the same fundamental thing in common… our brain chemistry doesn’t fit within the accepted definition of “Normal”.

Does everyone have the same mood issues? Of course not. Everyone is unique. And it doesn’t matter at all. You’ll discover we have a lot in common.

We all want to escape the stress of dealing with the Normals world, and the unrelenting gloom smothering every discussion of mental illness? Do you?

Then join us. We’ll get to know each other, hang out, make friends and have some fun. That’s right, fun…. not a word you usually hear with mental health. Well, it’s time we did. Laughing is better than therapy.

I’d love to meet you at Positively Crazy, our Members Only club. It’s exclusive, safe and very private. No Normals allowed.

To be eligible for membership, you only need an official medical diagnosis for a mood condition and a current  prescription for it.

Why the restriction? Because getting a diagnosis and taking medication is a first step. It demonstrates a commitment to getting better. It’s the base we all have in common. It unites us.

We’re family – just doing our best to cope with this mad, mad, Normal world.

You can let down your guard here, relax and have fun with your peeps. Be as weird as you want. Ask for whatever you need. No matter what, no one would dream of criticizing you for being who you are. You will always be accepted.

This is not a traditional support group, swapping symptoms and sympathy. You can still talk about your situation and ask for support, but it’s not our intention to focus on our “mental illnesses”. There are fine organizations offering that service already – lots of them.

The Positively Crazy experience is about discovering your strengths, developing new perspectives, and feeling supported in the pursuit of health, happiness and beating the lousy, stinking status quo. 😛 And having fun.

How does that sound? If you like it, get on board.

Join the tribe!

We’re better together

Be the first in line for an invitation when Positively Crazy launches!

Research has shown us, over and over, that being with your peers decreases negative symptoms. Your life will improve dramatically!

It makes perfect sense to be with people who can relate to the bad parts, put them in perspective and help you get through it.

I’m Julia, Chief Instigator of this adventure. I know how powerful it is to be understood and supported. It saved my brain, literally, to be blessed with a true love and a friend or two who are also positively crazy, like me. I’ll tell you my story later, but Positively Crazy isn’t about me. It’s about all of us being together.

Right now, you suffer from isolation, loneliness, self-criticism and stigma. That’s no way to live. You need people in your life – loyal friends – who care about you and think you’re great.

You deserve that transformation.

You also deserve – and have the right – to be accepted by Normal society and legally protected from it at the same time.

Like the gay community, we face discrimination and distrust. They fought for – and won – what we all want too… acceptance, equality and respect.

Together, we can do the same. Together, we can replace the tired old propaganda behind stigma with truth. By standing together, we can win.

There’s no other way. We have to fight for ourselves, because no one else will do it for us.

We have to fight for ourselves, because if we don’t, nothing will change.

I’ll say it again.

If we don’t support each other, nothing will change.

Join the tribe.

We’re better together

Be the first in line for an invitation when Positively Crazy launches!

I am so looking forward to getting to know you.
Never forget that you are AWESOME!

Julia Markus
Positively Crazy
Founder and Chief Instigator