ANXIETY – DEPRESSION- AD/HD – BIPOLAR …and many, many more

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If your brain biochemistry doesn’t meet the criteria for “Normal”, no one seems to understand when sometimes you’re in a really bad space. When you try to explain, you run into the ridiculous bias against people with MOOD DISORDERS.

After a while, the loneliness and not having friends you can share with… who “get it”, starts to wear you down. You don’t want your family and close friends to know you’re in pain, so you suffer in silence. Lots of people start thinking that it must be their own fault. It’s very common to think that because you aren’t Normal, you aren’t good enough.

I get it. It’s tough not to be self-critical – especially when you don’t have anyone who understands your strange, sometimes awful experiences. It is completely unacceptable that you don’t have a community of people to support and help you through the bad times. Studies have proved that having people like that in your life eases and shortens the symptoms you suffer.

Without each other, we’re condemned to isolation, loneliness and suffering in silence…. and that’s beyond horrible.

Imagine instead, having friends who truly understand you, who care and actively support you 100%. That would be beyond wonderful.

Life is too short to waste
trying to be Normal

So I decided to try a radical experiment, and started planning Positively Crazy, a hangout exclusively for us. Why not? We need somewhere to meet, relax and hang out with each other. Only our weird and wonderful, Neuro-Atypical “mood disordered” tribe will ever get inside. No doctors, no counsellors, no Normals. It’s only for people with a formal diagnosis, taking meds.

We need a community supporting each other – NOT a social network – where everyone is accepted exactly the way they are.

Because the truth is there is nothing wrong with you. Sure, sometimes you experience really, really lousy symptoms, but… YOUR SYMPTOMS ARE NOT YOU. They’re symptoms.

And almost every day, more and more ways to reduce and even get rid of those symptoms are discovered.

How Positively Crazy Will Help You FEEL BETTER

1. You’ll be able to escape loneliness, social disapproval and criticism from Normals.

2. Instead, you’ll meet and hang out with people who understand, and you’ll actively support each other on your journey to wellness. Yes… wellness! It’s time to try shifting your focus from what makes you feel awful, to what makes you feel good.

3. You’ll find zero judgement and lots of empathy. And no one will ever criticize you for being who you are.

4. The latest neuroscience, research and treatments will be at your fingertips, with a curated news feed. You’ll have new possibilities to discuss with your doctor, not just your symptoms.

5. We cut each other a LOT of slack. You can let your guard down and be 100% yourself – however weird you want to be, It’s a completely safe & totally private space.

6. You’ll discover the pleasure of talking to people who can keep up in a conversation, even when you’re on a roll… and guess what? They actually “get” your humour.

7. If you want to indulge, you’ll discover lots of ways for a Neuro-Atypical brain to… have fun!

8. And unquestionably the most powerful reason – you’ll make new friends. Guaranteed.

9. No ads. And no data will be sold to advertisers – or anyone else, ever. That’s a promise.

Possibly for the first time in a long, long time, you’ll experience how good it feels to be on the receiving end of acceptance, encouragement and people believing in you! It’s downright inspiring.

It All Adds Up

Sooner than you’d expect, the negativity in your life won’t feel so overwhelming, because your attention will move away from life’s problems and refocus, producing a growing feeling of happiness and confidence.

the definition of damaged.
There is so much more to you
than they know

Did you know that those most likely to develop a mood disorder are the most intelligent and creative people in society?

It doesn’t matter what psychiatric label is hung on you, we are united by one thing – our brain chemistry is different than Normals. We truly are NeuroAtypical and I say that with pride, knowing all the creative and brilliant people we can claim as ours – now and throughout history. Today, there are 700 million+ diagnosed worldwide… and how many more that don’t know it.

It’s time to start getting to know each other.

I hope to see you on the inside.
Never forget that you are AWESOME!

Julia Markus
Founder and Chief Instigator